The relationships we have formed with our producers, farmers, fishermen and provedores are of paramount importance to the development of our cuisine. Their efforts and passion inspire us every day.


Dave Allen says his fishing career started at the age of 6. Fishing recreationally from the family boat, his father was a stickler for looking after the catch. His philosophy was to ice down promptly, never take more than you need and return the small fish to the water to catch another day. Dave has spent his whole life working with the sea.

For years Dave has been a strong advocate for the harvesting of sea urchins, which are considered a marine pest in Tasmania. Dave has spent time in Japan learning about the best methods of shucking handling the roe. Dave now exports Tasmanian sea urchin roe internationally.


Husband and wife team Tim and Elizabeth Johnstone of Johnstone Kitchen Gardens run a small 4 acre farm producing bespoke, heirloom, organically farmed vegetables.

My working relationship with Tim and Elizabeth began in early 2011. Tim has a Bachelor in Agriculture and worked his small property with his wife Elizabeth to supply a weekend market stall. Tim approached me with the idea of growing produce for Quay as he knew I had similar relationships with other small-scale farmers. Tim and Elizabeth have become my most significant farming partnership. They now produce a large range of heirloom bespoke vegetables for Quay and many other Sydney restaurants.


June Henman is a herb and flower researcher and grower. June has been passionately growing and researching herbs and edible flowers since 1989. June now works as chief herb and flower consultant for Tony Mann who owns and operates Petite Bouche.

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